Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I logged on and realized...

It's been almost a month and a half since I posted.

WHOA.  Time has been flying - in some good ways and some not-so-good.  We got back from the honeymoon and life hit us with a resounding kaTHUD.  I started work as a ballroom teacher shortly before the wedding and my hours have been climbing, and Jon's summer concert season is in full swing!

On top of that, there's been some of this:
Parsons Dance Master Choreography Workshop Photo Shoot 2012

(I did the LehrerDance Summer Intensive on scholarship, which was truly awesome, and then sped off to New York City for a week of Parsons Dance Company's Master Choreography Workshop - also on scholarship! - which is what the photo is from!)
And a whooooole lot of this:

Which means my kitchen looks like this:

It's just...not quite ready for prime time yet. 
I have a grilled cheese from the archives to share soon, and a cookie recipe that's only missing a picture, and hopefully once we get our new place (OUR new place!!...sorry, it's still really exciting for me to say that...) all set up and settled into, some awesome new recipes will come out of the deal!

After all, weddings mean gifts...and gifts mean fun new kitchen toys... :-D

What about YOU?  Has life been nuts for you, too?  Or does summer mean time to relax?

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  1. Congratulations on so much life excitement! Your parsons picture is outstanding--LOVE the motion in your legs. Enjoy your home together and have fun with your new kitchen toys!