Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here It Comes...


I'm getting married.



Which means that things are INSANE.

First of all, Sunday was my graduation from college.  I had an alarm set for 6:35 so I could shower beforehand.  Now anyone who knows me will tell you that getting a functional, speaking version of me out of bed before 7am is nigh impossible, but I was psychologically set and determined that 6:35 would be okay.

Apparently, life had other plans for me.

6AM: I wake up to the sound of rap music bouncing into my room from the living room of my shared apartment.  I roll over and try to breathe loudly enough to drown it out.  I fail.
6:15AM: The music is STILL playing.  And it's THE SAME SONG.  I have no clue who is playing it but I certainly can't sleep through it, so I get up to shower much earlier than intended.  Meanwhile, my usually soft-spoken roommate marches into the living room, shakes awake the random boy sleeping through 15 minutes of his obnoxiously loud looping R&B alarm, and makes him turn it off.  We still do not know who the boy is, but hoist our tired selves into the routine of the morning.

RUDE, Universe.  Rude.

By 12:30, after listening to a poem pretending to be a prayer, a pandering politician's perennial postulations on graduation, and a poetry slam of a student speech (sorry, but I was having WAY too much fun with that alliteration), I was a college graduate.

That's me and my pretty friends, all graduated and stuff.  And HUNGRY - loooong ceremony.

From that second on, my brain activity switched to weddingweddingweddingmovingweddingmovingmovingmovingweddingmovingweddingwedding...

Yeah.  I left myself five days to finish planning a wedding and move.
And the Poor Planner of the Year Award goes to...

Though, thinking about it, we didn't have much of an option.  Jon's busy season of work gets absolutely insane from June through most of September, and my lease ends at the end of May, which would mean moving back to my parents' place in DC.  I love my parents, but no. 
If we wanted to get married, it pretty much had to be this weekend.

The last two and a half days have consisted of seating charts, suitcases, garbage bags, cardboard boxes, multiple trips to the mall, phone calls from vendors, frantic emails with my wedding coordinator (a.k.a. my amazingly-organized sister-in-law...I swear, she probably wants to strangle me for how disorganized I am!), and the occasional nervous breakdown.

Party planning is officially off the list of potential careers.


By Friday night at 5:30, I will be married to the love of my life.  And that's not something a whole lot of people my age can say, nor is it something I could even imagine living without.
So no matter how many details I space on or how many decisions I can't make without crying, I'm going to be okay.

I've cooked a surprising amount, considering the hectic nature of my life at the moment.  Friday night, I made a quick and delicious frittata out of random things in my fridge, which made me SUPER proud of myself for being all innovative and stuff.  And Sunday afternoon after the graduation ceremony, I baked up a pan of Maple Apple French Toast Bread Pudding.  I also have a grilled cheese to post and possibly the best oatmeal raisin cookies ever to share with y'all eventually.  But photos are just...nonexistent, and for that I apologize.  Tasty treats will find their way into your homes (and hopefully your bellies) from my little kitchen soon!

Just gimme about a week and a half :)
In the meantime, if you need to find me, I'll be bejeweling place cards and practicing writing a different last name.
Cursive B's are HARD.

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  1. What an exciting time for you. I cannot wait to see pics of you from your wedding. Remember to breathe and have fun!