About Me

I'm Angela.

As this blog's title suggests, I am a dancer who bakes. 
 This was a while ago.  Back when I still used cake mixes.  And was a brunette.
First and foremost, though, I'm a follower of Christ.  I don't do the shove-tracts-in-your-face thing, but if I feel like it's coming up naturally in conversation, I'll talk about the faith that is constantly changing my life.  If you think that's pushy...sorry?

I also have a very sarcastic sense of humor, courtesy of my dad.  Maybe you've noticed.  But I promise I'm actually nice.

I've had an ongoing love affair with frosting since I could say "cupcake".  My love affair with dance has been going on for a similarly lengthy time, and I think I started my love affair with music in the womb.  Love affair with the future hubby started in college, so I was definitely able to pronounce "cupcake" by then.  Together we fell deeper into a love affair with cooking. 
So I'm juggling a lot of love affairs.

At 20-something, it's easy to tell people what I want to do with my life - get married, dance in a company, maybe do Broadway for a bit, be on the worship team at an awesome church (Hillsong NYC?), bake for other people as often as possible and hopefully get paid for it - but a lot harder to tell people what I'm going to do, since that's kinda up to God and the directors I audition for.  But I'll have an awesome support system through it all, so we'll just see what happens :-)