Thursday, June 9, 2011


Forewarning: the purpose of this post is to get my footing in the blogging world.  As such, wit may be very scarce.  My sincerest apologies.

I dance.  Quite a lot, actually.  I fell in love with ballet at the tender age of three and the love never died.  I'm in the midst of finishing up my BFA in dance - one more year to go!  Eventually - hopefully sooner than later - I want to be a member of a modern or jazz dance company.  Broadway would work too, if they'll take me.  But I would looooove to get to tour internationally somehow.

I encountered a slight problem with my ambition, though: I love food.  As in LOVE.  Thick cheeseburgers, Italian food, anything loaded with lots of gooey mozzarella or heavy cream, and desserts covered in thick layers of frosting in particular will induce fits of happy dancing.  Now how is this a problem?  Well, there's a little thing valued in the world of dance called "flat abs."  Copious amounts of sugar and fat don't exactly contribute to washboard abs.

However, a little over a year ago, while things were really rocky (read: craptastic) with my boyfriend (now my fiancé - much happier about that!) I turned to cooking as an escape.  As it turns out, I love healthy food too!  I started investigating and experimenting with ways to give comfort foods healthy makeovers, and soon enough, I was cooking healthful meals for my entire family - and loving it.  Of course, nothing can make me giddier than butter, cheese, bacon, and CAKE, but when consumed in moderation I can enjoy them and still look good in tights.

Ohhh tights...

But my favorite thing of all is sharing what I do, both onstage and in the kitchen, with the people I love.  I love performing, and sugar tastes just that much sweeter when I watch a friend, family member, or fiancé's face light up while eating something I made for them.  Someday, when I'm done performing and touring, I want to own a B&B&B (bed & breakfast and bakery) with my wonderful husband-to-be (...who at that time will be my husband...being engaged is confusing).  That way, I can be in the kitchen doing what I love and sharing it with new people all the time :)


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some oatmeal cookie pancakes to make for dinner.
I had fat-free yogurt and an undressed salad for lunch.  Do not judge me.

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  1. Hi Angela! Danielle told me about your blog and I must stay you've got a fantastic start here. I'm looking forward to hearing about your cooking and dancing endeavors in the future.